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In-House Laboratory

Get the results you need instantly.

One of the most important aspects of any preventative medicine regimen is the ability to analyze how well your pet’s internal organs and processes are functioning. For example, are the kidneys and liver doing their jobs of removing waste from the bloodstream? Does your pet have internal parasites? Is a growth on your pet's skin benign?

Laboratory testing allows your veterinarian to gain a view of your pet’s body in order to assess overall systemic health without the need for invasive and expensive procedures. This is why Animal Hospital North maintains an in-house laboratory and regularly tests your pet during wellness exams or when we suspect your pet may have a health issue.

Our laboratory allows us to perform urinalysis, parasite identification, fungal cultures, blood chemistry testing, cellular differentials, fine needle aspirates, tests for tick-borne disease, and a range of cytologies. In some cases, we can receive results within minutes.

  • CBC
  • Chemistry Panel
  • Electrolyte Panel
  • Blood Coagulation
  • Feline FIV/Leukemia Test
  • Feline Heartworm Antibody Test
  • Glucose Curves
  • Urinalysis/Sediment
  • Diagnostic Fecal Exams
  • Parvo
  • Giardia
  • Canine Heartworm Antigen Test
  • Ehrlichia Canis
  • Lyme Disease

For more in-depth analysis our clinic uses IDEXX Laboratories and results can be given within 24-72 hours depending on the service.

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