Wellness Care

Puppies and Kittens

Animal Hospital North HickoryVaccines for puppies and kittens allow them to be protected against all the common diseases that can harm them. Our exams are divided into 3 to 4 visits and include everything to keep
your pet healthy and safe such as:

  • Comprehensive exams at every visit
  • Heartworm test, feline leukemia/AIDS tests if indicated
  • All necessary vaccines and boosters
  • Worm checks and routine deworming
  • Nutritional counseling

Vaccination and immunity against fatal diseases has long been recognized as a crucial part of maintaining a pet’s health. In recent years, changes to the optimum frequency and intervals between vaccines have been made by Veterinarians based on the newest scientific data. The current protocols are provided below.

Puppy Vaccination
Distemper /
Rabies Fecal Test
8 weeks X   X
12 weeks X X X
16 weeks X    
Kitten Vaccination /
Distemper Leukemia Rabies Fecal Test
8 weeks X     X
12 weeks X X X X
16 weeks X X X  

Adult Dogs and Cats

Wellness packages are not restricted to puppies and kittens. Once they have had their initial set of vaccines, continued annual exams and boosters are necessary to keep your pet protected. Not every pet requires the same vaccines. Your unique home environment and your pet’s personal risk assessment allow our doctors to personalize a vaccination protocol specific for your pet. Excessive vaccinating or vaccinating for unnecessary diseases can be harmful to your pet. Our goal is to maximize your pet’s health and quality of life in an affordable manner.

Our annual exam includes:

  • A comprehensive exam to ensure the proper growth and development of your pet
  • Vaccines based on a thorough Risk Assessment of your pet’s environment and lifestyle
  • Behavioral counseling, advice on nutritional issues and breed specific health counseling
  • Appropriate preventive dental care and weight management advice
  • Diagnostic testing for parasites (intestinal and heartworms for dogs)

Senior Pets

Because our pets age at a quicker pace than we humans do, it is important that they receive appropriate preventative care, along with early detection screenings to identify any health concerns or diseases in their earliest stages.

Pets aged 7 years or older should visit their veterinarian twice a year for wellness exams. These exams are the key to detecting any health problems that could endanger your pet. Our pets are susceptible to some of the ailments that aging humans face, such as cancer, diabetes, kidney complications, liver and intestinal disorders, arthritis, dental disease and vision impairment.